October Favourites

Its an understatement to say that favourites blogs and vlogs were always my favourite when scrolling through the internet. But I realised that I have never done one of my own before. This post ended up being so long that I decided to put in a contents section so that you can skip to parts you’re more interested if you’d like.



  1. Makeup Favourites
  2. Skincare and Beauty Favourites
  3. Style Favourites
  4. Shoe and Accessory Favourites


  1. Blog Favourites
  2. Instagram Favourites


  1. Film and TV Favourites
  2. Music Favourites

So without further ado, here are my favourite products, profiles and blogs in the month of October!


These are my favourite things that I have bought and tried in October and a few that I have had a while but really came to love last month!

Makeup Favourites

Makeup Revolution ‘Extra Spice’ Eyeshadow Palette

If you follow me on Instagram you are probably extremely sick of my love for this palette! For a couple of weeks it was in all of my flatlays and will probably be in a few more when advertising this blog post! The colours are so Autumnal and beautiful and you could create endless looks with it so I really couldn’t get enough!

I used this product in this tutorial!

Rimmel ‘Stay Matte’ Transparent Powder

I have used this powder many times in the past but when I ran out last time I forgot to replace it and then for a while forgot why I used it. Then I saw it on offer in the local chemist and I thought I may as well try it again. I am the sort of person who touches at and messes with my face all day and that can wipe off foundation easily but with this my face feels normal when I touch it and so I don’t play with it as much. I also have a fairly shiny look to my face so it makes it look more matte and subtle.

Revlon Lipstick

I think that this lipstick is perfect because it’s like someone took my lip shade and then darkened it a little. I think it looks classy and elegant because it isn’t too out there. Again I’ve had this a while but have recently discovered how much I love it. I will wear this all the time for a very versatile look!

Skincare and Beauty Favourites

Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

I spoke wonders about this in my previous post and I’ll do it again! This wonderful scrub strips my skin of all the excess moisture without making it dry or flaky. It says you notice the difference after one wash and you really do! It has the most lovely, tingly feel and a refreshing scent that’s perfect for waking up in the morning. My skin has never felt so good!

My Skincare Routine

Baylis and Harding Bath Crystals

I got this as a birthday present from my wonderful boyfriend and he honestly knows me so well! It has a subtle and refreshing citrus scent and makes your bath feel so calm and relaxing. I have taken so many more baths since my birthday and will be taking lots more from now on! Definite favourite.

Forever Living Daily Skincare System

This is absolutely amazing, though slightly pricey. I’m not sure I would use it long term but my first impressions were that it made my skin so soft. My favourite of the lot is the cleanser because it doesn’t feel like you even need the moisturiser afterwards!

Style Favourites

Apricot Oversized Jumper

This jumper is so simple but that makes it an absolute staple to the wardrobe! You can put it with any skirt or trousers and head out looking cute and Autumnal with minimal effort! I don’t know if it is still available in store because it is a hand me down but I’m sure there are lots of similar styles available!

Black Jumpsuit

So its getting colder outside and you want to look smart and classy but you just can’t wear a dress. How do you get the little black dress look without freezing to death? The little black jumpsuit of course! This was bought for me by my mum a couple of months ago and I find I can dress it up with heels for a gig or party, or down with converse shoes and a cardigan for going out with friends.

Long Grey Coat

So this is also one that I stole from my mother! I love this because its perfect for keeping warm but not wanting to bulk up your outfit. There is nothing worse than when you are wanting to go out and once you’re inside it’s hot and you’re carrying a bulky coat! This one isn’t too warm or cold and isn’t a pain to carry around!

Shoe and Accessory Favourites

Stackable Rings

I honestly got these from H&M for about £3 but don’t they look so cute? I think subtle details to an outfit can make all the difference! I Pinterest these sort of things all the time and you probably do too! When I’m not stacking them I always wear one on my middle finger and it just makes me feel pretty and put together!

Block Sandal Heels

Don’t you just love this colour? I got these from Primark for about £12 and I love them so much! I even had a shirt that was exactly the same colour so when I put them together with black jeans I was in love. So cute!

Elephant Bracelet

It’s no secret how much I love elephants, but every time I get elephant related presents from people I get so happy and excited! That’s how I felt when I got this beautiful bracelet with a tiny elephant on it for my birthday. My mum looked so excited to give it to me and I have worn it most days since!


Blog Favourites

Jay at

Jay was one of the first bloggers I met on twitter and when I did I never really thought that I would ever become as successful as he was. He seemed on another level to me. And yet a few months later I am loving my blog so much and I think I have him to thank. His Odd Socks series really helped kickstart my blog and I love reading his others. I think his daily blogs are really worth a read!

You can follow his blog here!

Lauren at

What Lauren did, and documents on her blog, is so inspiring to me! I love reading it because it makes me think that maybe I can do the same thing too, and I have always wanted to. If you have ever dreamt of just upping and leaving where you are (or you want to learn Spanish for free) then this blog is for you!

You can follow this blog here!

Imogen at

After finally deciding to apply for university this year, I think that her uni related blog posts have been so helpful! Sometimes I read them when I feel nervous about doing it so that I can get excited again and sometimes I read the ones that will bring me down to earth about it! Either way I absolutely recommend! Not going to uni? She also has some amazing baking blogs too!

You can follow this blog here!

Instagram Favourites


Lavrax only joined the blogging community recently and she’s killing it! Most of all I love her Instagram feed. This is so cute and chic. It’s not over the top or unrealistic but just adorable images that I love seeing on my feed!

Follow Lavrax Here!


I found this page recently and it has the cutest makeup flatlays! I absolutely recommend this page if you love makeup and flatlays like I do!

Follow Cara Here!


Sophie was another one of the bloggers I found first in the blogging community and since then I have been taking part in her blog series about strictly come dancing. I find her Instagram page so lovely and refreshing to look at!

Follow Sophie Here!


Film and TV Favourites


A few weeks before my boyfriend went to Nepal, I casually started watching all of friends from the beginning to the end. When he left I was at the end of series three, when he came back three weeks later I had finished. It just never gets old and those who follow me on twitter know that I never shut up about it! So this may be my favourite series ever let alone in October so definitely deserves a mention!

Queer Eye

I didn’t give this much attention when it came out and then, one day, we were scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch when we stumbled upon this and my parents got beyond excited. It took them a while to get to know the new fab 5 but we ended up watching a lot and I am officially hooked! If you love things that are fun and yet emotional, watch Queer Eye.

When Harry Met Sally

This film is so cute! I wish I had found it before now because if I had seen it years ago I would have seen it many more times by now. My dad describes it as ‘The RomCom that cleared the path for all other RomComs since’ and I really do agree. Worth a watch if you love cute ‘friends falling in love’ stories.

Music Favourites

Sweetener By Ariana Grande

Isn’t Ariana Grande just your favourite human being? With the exception of ‘the light is coming’ I cannot pick a flaw in this album. She is so crazily talented. Not keen on the album yet? Watch Ariana at the BBC and wait for it to blow your mind!

Trench By Twenty One Pilots

I love Twenty One Pilots and have done for a long time but this was such an amazing mental health anthem of an album. A lot of people say that Tyler Joseph romanticises mental health but I relate to his imagery so much and I thought that it was so incredibly clever. Of course clever isn’t enough to enjoy an album, it has to be musically great as well and it certainly was. This was just such an all round amazing album!

Pray For The Wicked By Panic! At The Disco

I actually reviewed this album months ago when it came out and I thought it was good but no masterpiece. Since then, however, I watched him playing Reading and Leeds festival live on the BBC and I found a whole new love for it! Such a good album and definitely one to watch out for.

Album Review – Pray for the Wicked// Panic! at the Disco

Well that was a long post but I absolutely love to share my appreciation for things! Did you love anything on the list? What have I missed off that I shouldn’t have? Tell me in the comments and share if you loved it!


Amber xxx

23 thoughts on “October Favourites”

  1. Thank you for sharing all of your favorites with us!! It was super fun to see what you like and get to know you. Will have to try some of your favorites! ♡ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really loved this!!! I’m curious about the Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub, did you notice that it actually got rid of your blackheads? I’ve suffered from hectic blackheads for years and have never ever found a product which actually got rid of them! Also agree with you on stackable rings/rings in general girl. I’m obsessed with them and legit your outfit goes from to 0 to 100 when you add rings!! Have a lovely day xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Yeah it didn’t clear them completely but they were visibly reduced after the first use and I was impressed. I’ve always had little blackheads and whiteheads in the crease of my chin and I’ve never found anything that worked before but they went in days!

      Liked by 1 person

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