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Playlist Swap – Laustworld

Here’s a new feature on this blog. One blogger will send a playlist of ten songs that really mean a lot to them. The idea being we can get to know the blogger through the best medium possible: music. The music we listen to says a lot about people. So for the first one of these I’ve teamed with Laura from to swap our playlists and let other bloggers get to know her wonderful self! So Laura’s in Bold Italics and I’m just normal text.

1.Breaking Down – Florence + The Machine

I have loved Florence for years, it was so difficult to choose one song! Breaking Down is a happy sounding song with a dark undertone. It makes me feel like emotional breakdowns are normal.

I definitely agree with the idea of it being happy sounding but having a darker vibe. This is a really good message to put forward. I think it’s really cool, I’ve always loved her orchestral vibes to songs. Absolutely loved this one!

2.Lightbulb Sun – Porcupine Tree

My boyfriend introduced me to Porcupine Tree and ever since then, I can’t stop listening to them. Steven Wilson is a master of metaphors and imagery. I love how their songs paint stories in your head.

Okay so first off the folky feel of this song is great. Reminds me a bit of R.E.M in style. I absolutely love the vibes here. It’s so floaty and then quite heavy in the middle. This music is everything I’ve been looking for, so thanks!

3. Make it Right – Hana Piranha

I listen to this song when I’ve lost all my hope and when I’m about to give up. It gives me this push to keep going.

This is immediately a lot of fun! Definitely loving this. I can see you’re into alt folk which is great. I love the gospel feel. The songs that we have chosen are very different but I think we have a similar taste in music. I love the percussion in it as well. This is going on my playlist!

4. Congratulations – MGMT

Here’s one from my indie rock days, representing that like most people I need acceptance from other people, whether it’s a simple congratulation or a pat on the back. This is such a dreamy song.

I got excited when I saw this. Bit of an MGMT fan if I’m honest. It’s really dreamy and cute. Would be a good slow dance I think. Ah songs like this just make me feel so happy and sleepy.

5. Open – Gabby Young and Other Animals

This song is a complete opposite of me so I kind of use it as a life guide – being open is better than being closed off.

These has a very positive vibe to it. It’s got a bit of a showbiz feel like you could imagine it in a musical or Disney film. This song would be from the strong female lead. I imagine Gabby Young is a strong female.

6. Flowering Vines – Unwoman

Unwoman is an underrated musician and I absolutely adore her. People have probably heard of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, Unwoman takes her name from, you guessed it – the book. She tends to write songs with a feminist messages, focusing on strong female characters.

Lots of string instruments in this playlist! I love that. Got a bit of an Asian or bond film feel to it. I could imagine this in a musical too. Good message in it too. There’s a lot going on in it but it ties together really well.

7. Don’t Tell Me – Avril Lavigne

I loved Avril Lavigne 13 or so years ago, and I still love her now. I am aware that her lyrics or music might not be the best, but old Avril Lavigne albums had some great tunes, including this one!

Oh wow! I didn’t know I knew this song until it played and then I was rushed back to being ten! I honestly think Avril Lavigne is so underrated. Anyone who was anyone at primary school liked her. I still love her now. Don’t get many female rock artists these days.

8. The Depth of Self-Delusion – Riverside

This is my most recent Spotify gem find that I have been obsessing over. I love this song.

Very dramatic sounding start. Bit of a long winded intro but it’s worth the wait so stick with it. His voice is gorgeous. I love the grungy feel in the middle of it. Really made the song for me. The singer sounds like the singer from Keane but the music sounds like pearl jam. I really like this one!

9. Say (all I need) – OneRepublic

I used to be a huge OneRepublic fan and I wanted to get the phrase ‘Say all I need is the air that I breathe’ tattooed on my skin. This song expresses gratitude for what you have, I think that’s important.

I got excited when I saw OneRepublic was on there. This one is a bit more simple compared to the other songs on this playlist but the lyrics make up for it. I can imagine this being on my playlist for crying over nothing at all. It’s really lovely.

10. Eulogy – Birdeatsbaby

What a bleak ending. This song pretty much describes how I feel during my darkest moments.

This has a nicer feel than I was expecting from the comment and I was put off a bit by the band name but I do really like the song. Lyrically it’s a bit down but it helps to have songs that describe how you’re feeling. However, if anyone feels like this my dms on twitter and Instagram are always open!

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Thanks for sending me these songs! I’ve really enjoyed doing this and am excited to expand the series now having found some bands I know I’ll listen to! Don’t forget to follow her blog Here and her twitter here. And of course the Spotify playlist containing all of these songs can be found by clicking on this link! Hope you’ve enjoyed this.


Amber xxx

4 thoughts on “Playlist Swap – Laustworld”

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I am music blogger, and I do a monthly blog series of my favourite music. I find this post such a great idea, as it allows you to discover new music and its great seeing bloggers collaborating together! (:

    Belle x

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